World Water Monitoring Day – October 18

The next time you drink a large glass of cold, ice water, think about it. Appreciate the refreshing taste and how you feel inside because you’re giving your body exactly what it needs. Then think about what if you didn’t have that fresh, clean water to drink. How would you feel? It’s pretty scary when you really think about it. That’s why there is a World Water Monitoring Day.

The World Water Monitoring Challenge Organization

From September 18th to October 18th, people around the world volunteer their time to test the quality of watersheds. The results are then entered into an international database. The purpose of this challenge is to bring awareness to the condition of water resources.

Anyone can test bodies of water in their local area. Each year, the World Water Monitoring Challenge organization sends testing kits to whomever would like to participate in this initiative. You can simply order the kit online, use it, and send in your results. October 18th, World Water Monitoring Day marks the end of the challenge, even though the organization continues to take submissions until the end of the month.

The Importance of Water

waterA lot goes into the water you drink. Water is treated, tested, and then sent to people’s homes. There are places around the world that do not have the luxury of having clean water to drink, cook with, and clean with every day. They are required to boil it or take health risks with it. With more monitoring and awareness of the importance of keeping our environment clean, bodies of water around the world can improve and remain drinkable.

Learn more about the World Water Monitoring Challenge to test your water and get your school or organization involved.