Home Values Increase with Solar Panels

A few years ago, only the most eco-conscious homeowners would consider solar panels. It was an expensive add-on at that time. Fortunately, the cost of solar panels have decreased. They are actually 50 percent less from 2010. This has made it much more affordable for homeowners, which has led to an increase in their use. The Solar Energy Industries Association estimates that 450,000 homes and businesses are already using solar panels for power.

New Home Construction: Solar Panels and Solar Ready

Due to the influx of people interested in using solar powered energy, home builders are starting to use them as an incentive when selling new constructions. With solar panels already installed, new construction homeowners are able to reap the benefits of solar energy as soon as they move into their home. They don’t have to think about purchasing and installing them, which can come to a major relief to homeowners.

solar-houseWhile many home builders are installing rooftop solar panels, many others are just making houses “solar-ready.” This enables homeowners to have them installed at a later time. This can save money on having the panels installed because much of the work is already done with the construction of the home.

The benefits of home builders installing solar panels or constructing solar-ready homes fall on the seller and buyer. Sellers have noticed that their homes appraise higher when they have solar power systems. Homebuyers see the extra cost worth it because they believe the value is there when they see solar panels or the seller mentions the house is solar ready. The benefits to the buyer are the convenience of already having solar panels or having their home solar ready, and the savings they will receive on their electricity bill for those with the panels.

Ready to Consider Solar Panels for Your Home?

The time of solar and renewable energy is now and you can be a part of it. Solar panels can be installed in your Los Angeles County home. Call us at (800) 552-9970 to find out more or request a free quote online at http://solaroptimum.com/quote.php.