Solar Is Making Strides Worldwide

Solar power use isn’t just increasing in the United States; people from around the world are using it much more. By 2018, solar power could be an economically viable option to provide energy to large cities, according to Giles Parkison from

Why Does This Seem to be The Path for Solar?

Just last week, Queensland experienced something astonishing. The price of electricity hit zero in the middle of the day. While this is quite common during the nighttime hours when people are sleeping, it was a surprise when it hit such a low during waking hours. It’s normally around $40 to $50 per megawatt hour.

What has caused this low? It’s not that people aren’t using power. It’s the type of power they are using – solar power.

Rooftop solar panels are becoming the norm in Queensland. There are 350,000 buildings with it, out of 1.2 million buildings in total across the state. Each year, more buildings are added to the list because it is the future for generating electricity.

Is This a Good Thing?

Yes, absolutely. Solar power is clean and it’s environmentally friendly. Coal generated electricity depletes the world of natural resources and the process to make power out of it pollutes the air. Businesses are realizing this, which is why they have invested in rooftop solar panels. Homeowners are doing the same.

There’s No Time Like the Present!

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