Gardening Recycling Tips

This is the time most gardeners are busy. They are planting and keeping their growing plants healthy. If you're one of these gardeners, you may have looked at some of the containers from your gardening purchases and wondered if they are recyclable.

    • Plastic Plant Pots - While plastic pots make it easy to remove plants, most people don't reuse them for other plants. This is why most people get rid of them. Before you flip them into the trash, you may want to aim for the recycling bin. There's a rule of "all containers two gallons or smaller" should be recycled. While this isn't always the case for some containers, it does apply for plastic plant pots.
    • Plastic Seed Trays - These are usually thin and crumble easily. Some people use them to germinate seedlings, but since they break so quickly, most people decide to trash them. But these can also be recycled, unless, of course, you’re recycling service doesn’t accept them. If they’re sturdy, they can also be reused for next season!


    • Fertilizer, Mulch & Soil Bags - These plastic bags are thick and colored, which don't make them good candidates for recycling. Most are non-recyclable. Empty the bags and throw them in the trash.
    • Plastic Sheeting to Block Weeds - Plastic sheeting is usually recyclable because it's made of acrylic or polyethylene. The only exception is if the sheeting is falling apart. In that case, it's probably better off in the trash.
    • When In Doubt, Ask - It can be difficult to decide whether a container needs to be thrown in the trash or recycling bin. In this case, hold on to them, and show them to your local recycling center operator or call the city’s trash company. They will know the proper place for them. Once you know, you'll be able to easily throw them in the right place next time.

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