CA Breaks Solar Power Record Twice over One Weekend!

go-solar-caIt seems like the Golden State is just getting started with breaking solar records this year! According to the Sacramento Business Journal, California Independent System Operator (Cal ISO), a non-profit public benefit corporation that manages most of CA’s electrical grid, reported not one, but two records. On Friday, March 7th, California set the record of 3,926 megawatts, only to break it the next day with 4,093 megawatts! (5,231 megawatts of net dependable capacity).

A Cal ISO spokesperson stated that we could “reasonably expect more records to be hit this year.” Solar generating stations and solar photovoltaic panels are adding quite a bit of power to the state’s electrical grid. The record set on March 8th is up 139% from the 2,188 megawatts of net dependable capacity on the same day in 2013. And this is just solar capacity connected to the grid! There are many California businesses using solar to offset how much power they take from the grid. Also, most residential solar is off grid.

California continues to be the top producer of solar power in the United States, and it’s only going to keep going up!

On the Fence?

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