The Essential Energy Saving Guide: At-Work

Last time, we discussed tips that you could follow at home in order to save energy, save money, and help save the environment. Today, we’ll be talking about what you could do at work to save energy, and we’ll also be discussing your commute and driving in general. First, we’ll start with work. DTLA Skyline

Energy Saving Tips for Work

When you’re at work, it’s a little bit harder to save energy because there is so much that is not within your control. But there are ways that you can still make an impact. Every little bit helps and even if you’re the only one in your workplace that does this, it is still making a difference.

  1. Take the stairs. If you’re at the top of a huge office building, we understand if you stick to the elevator, but if you are anywhere between floors 1 and 5, take the stairs. It’s good exercise too!
  2. Bring your lunch. And if it does not need to be heated (like a salad or sandwich), it’s even better! Less microwave use.
  3. Put your computer to sleep anytime you leave your desk for more than 10 minutes & shut it down at the end of the day.
  4. Charge your tablet and/or smartphone via USB on the computer rather than a wall plug (which can use more than 2 times the electricity).

Energy Saving Tips for Commuting and other Errands

  1. The best, but most expensive, tip: Get an energy-efficient hybrid or electric vehicle.
  2. Carpool.
  3. Ride a bike or walk to work.
  4. Plan your route so that you run all your errands in the most efficient way possible.
  5. Run all errands near each other on the same day so you don’t take too many individual trips.

If you can think of any other energy saving tips for work, home or commuting, please leave them as comments! You can also post a comment on our Facebook page: