Is Ford’s Solar-Powered Car the Future?

In latest automotive news, Ford has developed a concept car that runs predominantly on solar power. We could be one step closer to having an everyday car that doesn’t rely on traditional energy sources. Electric vehicles are much better for the environment but charging your vehicle at home could inflate your electricity bill. A primarily solar-powered car, however, can be charged by the sun, which is free.

The C-MAX Solar Energi Conept car is a collaboration between Ford, the Georgia Institute of Technology and SunPower Corp. Since it is a “concept,” it may or may not every be sold to the public but there is still a chance. Many of the technologies and features available in cars today were originally showcased in concept models from years ago.

Ford CMAX Solar Hybrid

How it Works

According to Ford, the car would be powered by energy collected using a special concentrator that acts as a magnifying glass, directing intense rays to panels on the roof. Theoretically, the car could completely recharge itself without needing to be plugged in.

For a closer look at the car, take a look at this review of the C-MAX by Car and Driver magazine:


A Big Step towards Energy Independence

Though solar vehicles have been made before, the Ford concept car is the first that could be used as an everyday vehicle. Even if the concept is not put into production right away, putting the science together gives us the tools we need to make solar hybrid vehicles, even if they come later.

At Solar Optimum, we’re happy to see progress in harnessing the power the sun offers and truly hope that a solar hybrid vehicle comes sooner rather than later. In the meantime, we do our part in helping people bring solar power into their homes and businesses. To learn more about solar energy, visit our website at SolarOptimum.Com.