Cost-Saving Green Tips for Winter: Part 1

As the weather gets colder, our thermostat settings get higher, but do you really need to turn up the heat? According to an article on TheDailyGreen.Com, there are several steps you can take to save money and save energy during the winter. Since we are all about being green and saving money at Solar Optimum, we wanted to pass them along!

  • Stop Drafts

    The U.S. Department of Energy says drafts can waste up to 30% of your energy use. If you get drafts at the bottom of doors or windows, all you need is a rolled bath towel or official draft stopper. Keep the warm air from getting out and keep the cold air from getting in!

  • Change Furnace Filters

    When you’re using the heat, make sure to change the furnace/central heat filters once a month. If you want to reduce waste though, consider buying a permanent filter. Electrostatic filters trap more than twice as much as disposable fiberglass filters. You should also consider having someone come out to do a tune up on your furnace/heating unit.

  • Run Your Ceiling Fan in Reverse

    This is not a feature on all ceiling fans, but some have a switch that reverses the blade rotation from counter-clockwise to clockwise. When the blades move clockwise, the warmer air at the ceiling is circulated back down.

  • Wall A/C & Water Lines

    Even in climates that don’t typically get snow, cold nighttime temperatures can still cause water to freeze. Make sure you’re A/C wall units do not have pooled water and drain any air conditioner pipes of water so they do not become damaged.

  • Turn the Water Heater Down

    Drop your water heater temperature to 120 degrees or less. You’ll save money and energy for a temperature difference you won’t even notice. Also, you may want to think about getting a tankless or solar water heater. Click here to find out about the federal tax credits available for switching to more energy efficient options.

Visit again soon for some more cost-saving energy tips!