Irvine Homeowners - Say Goodbye To Your Electricity Bill!

If you own a home in Irvine California, when was the last time you looked at your electric bill and wished it would disappear?  For 10 years, Solar Optimum has helped homeowners in Irvine save money on their expensive monthly utility bills and protect their homes from unannounced blackouts and natural disasters.

Solar Optimum presents an energy-efficient and battery system with Tesla Powerwall battery back-up designed to safeguard your home and protect your family.

Contact Solar Optimum today for this incredible offer we call the PowerHouse Solution:

  • $0 Cash Down
  • Solar system starting at $99 per month*
  • Tesla Powerwall battery storage for an additional $50 per month*
  • Premier solar panels
  • Earn the 30% Federal tax credit

Irvine Homeowners, start Saving now On Your Electricity Bill!

Of all the providers I contacted Solar Optimum was the most professional and they explained things clearly without adding any unnecessary confusion. They had a very competitive rate and had complete transparency about the financial cost, quality of panels, the setup, etc. Needless to say, I am so glad to say goodbye to my expensive utility bill. Thanks Solar Optimum!
— E.K. Irvine, CA

Solar Installations in Irvine, California

Solar Optimum has numerous residential home installations in Irvine, CA. Below are three examples of our most recent projects.


Barkwood Ave, Irvine, CA

Project Details

Total System Size: 4.5 kW
Number of Solar Panels: 15
Solar Panel: LG-300
Inverter: S-280
Est. Solar Rebate: $0
Electric Bill Before: $79.15 / Mo
Electric Bill After: $3.60 / Mo

 Jackson St, Irvine, CA

Jackson St, Irvine, CA

Project Details

Total System Size: 2.43 kW
Number of Solar Panels: 9
Solar Panel: LG-270
Inverter: M250
Est. Solar Rebate: $0
Electric Bill Before: $32.50 / Mo
Electric Bill After: $5.17 / Mo

 Farragut, Irvine, CA

Farragut, Irvine, CA

Project Details

Total System Size: 5.7 kW
Number of Solar Panels: 22
Solar Panel: SPR 327
Inverter: SPR 600
Est. Solar Rebate: $0
Electric Bill Before: $319 / Mo
Electric Bill After: $5.56 / Mo

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Certain restrictions apply. Offer expires 06/30/17. $99 solar system promotional offer based on 4.68 kW system, after federal tax credit. Tesla Powerwall battery storage starting at $50 per month with a solar system. Other solar and battery storage packages available. Cannot be combined with any other promotion or offer. Minimum credit score of 650 required.