Artur Vardanyan: Procurement Manager


Procurement Manager

Artur Vardanyan likes to spend more time getting things accomplished than making small talk, especially when it means getting things done —and done right.  “First and foremost, I demand a lot of myself, and enjoy doing a job in which I can take pride,” he admits.  “Part of this is liking the company I work for.  At Solar Optimum, I see the same work ethic from my coworkers.”

As Procurement Manager for Solar Optimum, Artur is responsible for making timely and cost-effective buying decisions that remain within budget and best suit the needs of each and every solar project.  He determines product needs, then identifies, communicates and negotiates with suppliers — all while setting up shipments, delivery and payment schedules to coordinate with the scheduled project workflow.

Raised and educated in his home country of Armenia, it was there that Artur Vardanyan earned his degree in Industrial Engineering before coming to the United States for greater opportunities. His past year with Solar Optimum has been a busy one of growth, but Artur claims that the company’s spirit of teamwork is one of the primary reasons why they enjoy success and bring so much value to customers.  “It all starts at the top, with our CEO Arno, who has assembled a highly professional and talented family of workers.”

Spending time with his family is among Artur’s pleasures away from work.  An avid chess player who studied the game in school at the precocious age of seven, Artur continues to tests his chess skills against a good friend back in Armenia.  Today, he enjoys sharing the game with his own young children, instilling in them the intricacies of strategy, patience, and taking pride in a match well-played.