Anashe Petrossian

Operations Manager

Anashe Petrossian: Operations Manager

Anashe Petrossian: Operations Manager

When it comes to the many facets of her life, Anasheh (Anna) Petrossian seems to have found a recurring recipe for success.  Naturally curious and sharp, Anna loves to tackle a challenging process or situation, then craft it into one that’s highly serviceable and efficient.  It’s an invaluable trait that’s helped her flourish in her role as Operations Manager at Solar Optimum.

Born and raised in Tehran, Iran, Anna came to United States in 1996 with her mother to seek greater opportunities and join her siblings who were already living in California.  She worked for several years in the mortgage and real-estate business as a senior loan processor and underwriter, where she found a niche in organizational management and being detail-oriented.

Anna was introduced to the solar industry when she joined a relative’s company that needed help.  During her years there, she learned many of the processes that went into selling, installing and servicing solar energy.  She got a taste of how things were run — and gained a practical understanding of the ingredients, so to speak, that were strategically vital to better the company’s status quo.

When Anna found herself with the opportunity to do the same at Solar Optimum, she didn’t hesitate.  Owner and CEO Arno Aghamalian brought her in as an administrative coordinator.  In a short period of time, she helped transform the company’s relatively “old school” administrative processes into a streamlined, automated system by working with developers to mold the company into a technically-organized operation, which led to greater success, efficiency, value, and customer satisfaction.

“I created a situation where Arno could focus his attention on company growth and the greater challenges at hand — directing his energy more efficiently where he needed to lead and inspire, while I dealt with his previous, time-consuming tasks.”

Today, Anna continues to innovate and manage over 100 projects each month.  Her responsibilities include, but are not limited to: preparation/review and approval of project budgets, finalization of contracts, assistance engineering in writing scope of work, overseeing all design electrical engineering work, coordination of all necessary construction inspections with city building and safety and utility companies, oversight of each phase of the project, determination of the necessity of additional reinforcement, implementation of all safety procedures and corrective actions, and training of clients of newly installed systems with proper procedures.

If her Solar Optimum duties weren’t enough, Anna maintains a passion for the culinary arts.  Like her natural curiosity of organization and the solar energy industry drove her to excel in business, her passion for cooking propelled Anna into culinary school to seek answers to her technical curiosity for creating culinary masterpieces.  In her spare time, she enjoys running her own modest entrepreneurial enterprise, baking and decorating specialty cakes for practically any occasion.

“I approach my love of baking and cooking in the same way I approached my role at Solar Optimum” says Anna.  “In such a quickly evolving industry like solar, you just can’t assume to know everything.  Every day is another chance to learn something new.  I come to work with the eagerness and expectation that I’ll not only discover something I didn’t know before — but also have the chance to teach others.  It’s all part of getting better at my job and more effective in serving our customers.”