Skip Garrett, MBA

Director of OPERATIONS

Among the newest faces at Solar Optimum, William “Skip” Garrett exemplifies the type of talent that’s drawn to the Solar Energy leader.  He not only brings with him a remarkable acumen for marketing, operations, project management and strategic planning, but also a dedication to his community.

As Director of Operations, Skip is responsible for operating efficiencies for Solar Optimum’s Residential and Commercial businesses.  What’s more, he is responsible for the strategic alignment of the Sales, Marketing, Operations, Procurement, Construction, and Finance teams around key performance metrics, creating growth opportunities through process improvements.

Skip Garrett: Director of Operations

Skip Garrett: Director of Operations

Born and raised in Alabama, Skip earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alabama.  Since then, his impressive resume has grown to include designing tests for the Missile Defense System while at The Boeing Company; managing over 50 employees while running production lines as an Operations Manager for GE Aviation; managing power-plant projects around the globe for Crane Co; and founding and operating several successful entrepreneurial ventures.

When it comes to sports, college football and the NBA take center stage for Skip.  A long-time Los Angeles Lakers Fan, Skip has remained loyal to his home state’s Crimson Tide football team.

Outside of work, Skip is an exemplary leader in his community, generously sharing time as a church volunteer and as a basketball coach for underserved intercity youth at the Angelus Temple Dream Center.

As for Solar Optimum, Skip takes a big-picture view of the company’s, envisioning its role as bringing clean energy to the planet.