Bill McNeese: Dir. Commercial Business Development

Bill McNeese: Dir. Commercial Business Development

Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest among the natural beauty of the “emerald city” Seattle-Tacoma area, it’s safe to say that Bill McNeese’s enthusiasm and appreciation for clean, natural energy is part of his DNA.

“I got into marketing and sales because relating to people in a comfortable, forthright way always came natural to me,” Bill admits.  “But I got into solar energy because it just made sense as a revolutionary green resource that creates tremendous value for the user.”

As Director of Commercial Business Development at Solar Optimum, Bill is accountable for commercial project development and channel partner relationships. His expertise and proficiency in solar microgrid systems, community aggregated metering and virtual net metering projects gives Solar Optimum’s commercial team a distinct advantage.

Prior to his role at Solar Optimum, Bill had been so committed to solar that his passion was instrumental in helping numerous companies get swiftly to market from the research-and-development phase.

His impressive career spans nearly four decades and includes roles as Business Development Manager at EnPro Group; Senior Business Development Manager at Silverado Power, where he developed over 400 permitted and interconnected sites for utility scale solar development; Principal and owner of Southern Link, LLC, a solar project consulting and development company; VP of Business Development at Advanced Green Technologies, having developed a laminating machine for thin film solar to bond to PVC membrane; spearheaded channel partner agreements for sale of roof-based thin film solar integrated into roofing materials; sold thin film systems and solar thermal concentrator to Nike; and worked to develop projects for the company in Florida and North Carolina; and VP of Business Development at Solar Integrated Technologies, where his achievements included: Lobbying of state and federal government; development of sales program for channel partner roofing contractor; sale of 10 megawatts of systems to Frito Lay, Coca Cola, and Pro Logic; creation of a portable power and shelter product for disaster response; partnership with homeland security to develop solar installations for energy surety for the U.S. Coast Guard.

As a young Navy Radar Operator, some 40 years ago, Bill McNeese was fortunate to see his share of the world — and then some —  before he eventually dropped anchor in Southern California, which he still considers “paradise.”  Over those years, he sharpened his marketing skills at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, met his wife Denise, and raised two amazing kids.  Today, he is the proud grandparent of three.  When not helping the customers of Solar Optimum find energy peace of mind, Bill can be found on the golf course with his wife, testing his game against her eight-handicap.