At Solar Optimum, our local experts never take the satisfaction of our customers for granted.  That’s just one of the many reasons why we’re dedicated to an unwavering philosophy built around real relationships and honest talk.

From the moment you contact us with your solar needs, we consider you a top priority and a potential lifelong customer.

Whether you simply have questions regarding where to start — or you've done your solar-energy research and recognize that we're the people who can turn your goals into reality — the Solar Optimum team is here to serve you.

We are getting 85% of our power through solar now, which gets us out of those expensive rates that Glendale charges above 10kWh/day use.”
— Nathan L. - Los Angeles
If you have a budget or a price in mind, just let these guys know and they will work around your dime.”
— Mina S. - Los Angeles CA


Embracing sun-fueled energy with Solar Optimum is without a doubt the best thing you can do to make an immediate and positive improvement to the Earth's environment.  It’s also the most prudent decision you can make to reduce your electricity bill.

For homeowners, there is no better way to supplement a utility budget than switching to solar.  At the same time, captains of industry and commerce have already proven that no greater investment can positively impact their long-term bottom line.

At Solar Optimum, we love it when our customers share how much they save on their utility costs, made possible not only by our expertise, but also the available options to reduce their initial investment:

Lower your electric bill up to 70%.

Despite electricity utility rates having increased on an annual basis, Solar Optimum can help you lock in lower rates for the life of your new solar energy system.  Suffice it to say, your investment in solar will become even more valuable as utility rates rise. Average U.S. residences save more than $33,000 with solar.

Are you spending too much on your monthly utility bill?

Quite frankly, your bill is high. It’s time to speak with an energy consultant before it gets out of control.

Average Monthly
Average Annually

*Amounts shown are based strictly on estimates for residential utility bills

Rebates, tax breaks and incentives offset costs.

Solar Optimum's experts work with you to evaluate and identify all estimated savings and benefits up front and proactively apply for rebates for maximizing savings.

The Federal Government is heavily involved in helping America become energy independent.  To encourage homeowners in adopting renewable energy, a 30% Federal Tax Credit is available to such participants.

The California Solar Initiative (CSI) offers cash back for going solar. Depending on the utility, rebates can range from 10 to 20% for the entire cost of going solar.

$0 down options let you start saving today!

Did you know that Solar Optimum makes financing available for customers who want to go solar but want to hold on to their cash? Solar Optimum installs and owns the solar panels, while you or your business continue to make payments as usual — at a better rate!

Much like a standard monthly utility bill, with solar, you can pay for the power that you use — not for the initial cost of the solar panels themselves.  With solar energy, you get all the power you need for your home or business, and it costs less.  You can enjoy locked-in rates that are predictable, month after month.  And solar panel installation is free — simply install the panels on your roof and watch the savings add up every year.

From industrial applications to homes, solar energy is clean, affordable energy.


Without a doubt, solar energy is the most abundant and fundamentally sound form of clean, natural energy.

Although the highly sophisticated nature in which it is harnessed can appear complicated, solar technology is simply the collection of the sun's rays (photons), which are then transformed into usable electricity.  Known as Photovoltaics (PV), this process is commonly recognized for its utilization of solar panels seen in use upon, and adjacent to, municipalities, homes and businesses that benefit from solar energy.

As solar panels harvest the power of the sun, a special inverter takes the direct current energy and transforms it into alternating current that can be used for immediate power or banked for future and nighttime use.

For a more detailed demonstration of how solar works, see our video "SOLAR 101." 


Now more than ever, the planet needs our help.  That's why Solar Optimum is the choice for homeowners and businesses across Southern California.  Every job in our vast portfolio of work is a testament to how we continue to change the way our world uses power — today, and for generations to come.

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